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    Top 10 Reasons to List Your Home This Holiday Season

    2020 has proven to be an unprecedented year in history, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve all experienced a change in our daily lives, adapting and learning in the process as we navigate toward finding a new normal. Being “home for the holidays” certainly carries a different ring to it this year.

    Now what does this mean for sellers thinking about putting their house on the market during the holidays? Is there really an upside to selling now vs. waiting until the Spring?  The short answer is, yes.  One of the biggest upsides of selling this season is the sea of buyers who put off buying during the first wave of the pandemic and are now slated to flood the market this winter. But that’s not it – here are our top 10 reasons to list your home during the holidays!


    1. People who look for a home during the holidays are more serious buyers.
    2. Serious buyers have fewer homes to choose from during this time of year, so your home has less competition.
    3. Less competition means more money for you.
    4. Buyers usually have more time to look for a home during the holidays than they do during a regular work week. More people are also working from home than ever before, giving them more flexibility to search for homes.
    5. Interest rates are low, giving buyers more buying power. [more people will be able to afford your home.]
    6. You can sell now [for more money], and delay closing until early next year.
    7. January is traditionally the month for employees to begin new jobs. Transfers cannot wait until spring to buy, so list your home now to capture that market.
    8. Selling now allows you the opportunity to be a non- contingent buyer during the spring when more homes are on the market for less money. This will allow you to sell high and buy low.
    9. The supply of listings will dramatically increase in January, so there will be less demand for your home. [Less demand = less money for you]
    10. Some people must buy before the end of the year for tax reasons, making them more motivated to make a decision.

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